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Little Ram Media is a Canadian producer of original web and television content, specializing in diverse unscripted docu-reality series with a worldwide appeal and cultural crossover.

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Ultra Rich Asian Girls

@HBICtv (Ultra Rich Asian Girls) is an online program about the daughters of affluent, Mandarin speaking Chinese Canadians living in Canada. They are young independent women starting their lives and careers with the newest Hermes Birkin bags and YSL shoes while vying for the status of #HBIC “Hot Bitch in Charge”.
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House My Style

Hosted by real estate agents Ling Qiu and Paul Wong, each episode puts them through a hands-on realtors’ bootcamp as they unpack the particular areas of real estate–from building a laneway home to selling a hotel.

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Secret Societies of Vancouver's Chinatown

Spanning more than 100 years, Brotherhood, Clans & Secret Societies in Vancouver’s Chinatown tell the story of the struggles of Chinese immigrants in British Columbia and the pivotal role family, clan and mutual aid associations played in helping newcomers build a life in Canada. Some also helped changed laws, remove barriers and even elect Chinese Canadians to power.
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Like Me

In development, 2Leva Media explores the ups and downs of being viral stars and the risks people are willing to take in order to become famous.

@HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls 公主我最大

True Canadian Unscripted Docu-Reality Series

From bicycles to Lamborghinis, China rise to the economic stage is now seen through the lives of 5 Ultra Rich Asian Girls in Vancouver. Little Ram Media followed these millennials from Vancouver, to Italy, LA, and back as they become the ultimate anti model-minority stereotypical show in the world.

Produced entirely in a documentary style, Little Ram Media provided below-the-line crew for the entire series.  Subtitles in Simplified Chinese and Canadian English were keyed throughout the show, eliminating closed-captioning.

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When Diversity is Done Right,
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House My Style 我爱地产

Canadian Docu-Reality TV Series

What does it mean to be a realtor in one of the world’s hottest markets? House My Style is a half-hour docu-reality series on Omni TV that explores the booming Vancouver real estate market from a uniquely Chinese perspective. Hosted by up-and-coming real estate agents Ling Qiu and Paul Wong, each episode puts them through a virtual realtors’ bootcamp as they learn what it means to live in the world’s second most expensive city. Watch them put their laptops down and roll-up their sleeves, as they get their hands dirty to help see things from the perspective of their potential clients. Whether it’s installing cables to revitalize a heritage home, or getting their sea legs aboard a float home, each week we’ll get them out of their comfort zone to examine the stress of property ownership and showcase the diverse and rich history of the Lower Mainland.

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Asia is hungry for content and Little Ram Media can help you sensitively develop and produce diverse documentaries, reality series, and editorial for the local and overseas market.
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Chinese/English subtitles done correctly.  Little Ram Media will help you navigate and direct your message to the right audience.  Traditional, simplified, and village Chinese, we have it sorted out for you.

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